Responive Web Apps

& do you need one?


RC Creekmur

Boost for SEO

In order to improve their search results for mobile users, Google and other search engines look at SEO, but also are now favoring responsive websites and their flexability across device platforms, as a major factor in algorithyms for their rankings and search engine results. 


Your website cannot succeed without a high ranking from search engines. Nearly 29% of people click on the top result when they search for something on Google. About 16% of searchers click the second result. Only 11% will click the third result.

By the time you get to the tenth result, only 2.5% of people will click. (source:

Easier to monitor analytics

If you have separated websites for different devices that means you have to keep an eye on two analytics. A responsive website is just one website, meaning your analytics is just one source of information.

Lower bounce rates

Your potential customers aren’t going to put up with a slow, difficult to use website. If your website isn’t compatible with the device they are using then they will simply back up and go to one of your competitors. Your audience doesn’t want to wait around; they want answers fast and easy. A responsive website will reduce the bounce rate with fast loading, easy to use navigation and clear call-to-actions.

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